The Idea

As we head into 2017 (known by some as the year of the reunion) we are all experiencing the historic, energetic shifts globally, unfolding on what seems like a daily basis!  With this in mind, Śhūnya’s Couch is answering the call, with the Creation of a Unique Collaborative.

The idea is a Cutting Edge Forum for Healers, Artists of ALL Mediums, Elders, Holistic Nutritionists and Nonprofits Profits to share inspiring visions, powerful healing services and meaningful engagement.

All members Working and supporting one another is the very heart of this collaborative.

This collaborative is for YOU!  Open, Evolutionary, Progressive, a Rich Resource of fresh insightful content and a lively community.

Shunyas Couch is committed to making this collaborative a constantly evolving network that supports all its members.  Your input is deeply honored and will be instrumental in the success of how it works for the greater good of all.

The time is NOW for the Healers, Artist, and Public Health workers to unite.