How It Began

It was during a tantra teacher training in Tumbaco, Ecuador, that we were gifted a peek into what many consider a sacred Tantra experience. While practicing a partner Tantra Kriya (which comprises of two people flowing through a set of partner based assisted stretching and synchronized breathing), we experienced the stripping away of our projections and fears, giving way to sharing a moment of just witnessing each other’s spirit. It was incredible! Such an unexpected gift. We were able to be in a “place” where there was no motivation, no expectation, no fear… Just breath, our beating hearts, simple presence… Sigh*

The beauty of that moment and wanting to share it with all of you is what gave birth to Śhūnya’s Couch.

Śhūnya is Sanskrit for void. The void (commonly referred by Buddhists as nothingness) actually represents all the world’s potential and capability from which ALL is manifested. This experience opened up the divine channels of communication that lead to healing, clarity and profound honesty. We both remember feeling how lovely it would be for families, friends, co-workers and, holy cow, enemies too! Hehehehe – never mind husbands, wives or lovers for that matter! Yikes~

Amrita Param Kaur and Bhajan Akal Singh