Amaru Yoga

Amaru (Kundalini in Quechua) Yoga is a Heart Opening Yoga of Awareness that empowers you to merge multiple facets of your physical and non-physical (spirit) self, with ever-increasing courage and intimacy.

By strengthening the nervous system directly, this practice raises one’s threshold for experiencing connection.  As these thresholds continue to expand, multi-dimensional awarenesses show up.  Amaru allows you to embrace and develop these new awarenesses with profound clarity and unfathomable depth.

Bhajan created Amaru Yoga as a fluidly evolving hybrid of wisdoms.  Tantra Yoga, Shamanic Arts, Kundalini Yoga, Nad Yoga, Ecstatic Dance, and Sound Healing come together organically in the moment of heightened presence.  Sacred breath, mantra and movement integrate to unleash the curious power that is uniquely you.

Currently in Bali, Bhajan is two years into his pilgrimage.  South American Ashrams, Shamanism Schools, Traditional Indigenous Ceremonies and Intensive Yoga Training Retreats have welcomed him to stay, study, and teach.  After 20 years of experimenting with techniques and sciences of the spirit, Bhajan is now repeatedly witnessing the transformational power of Amaru.  Inspired by immediate connections with participants from distinct cultural, socio-political and spiritual traditions, Amaru is in full bloom, with Bhajan sharing it far and wide as it leads him across this planet.


Bhajan taught at an event hosted by our studio on August of 2016, The Center for Healing. I have been practicing yoga for over 15 years and I have a broad spectrum of experience in yogic practices.  I do not allow just anyone to teach at my studio.  We look for people who have a minimum of 5 years experience, teach under a master and have a daily spiritual practice.  It is rare that we open the doors for people to teach here but I was impressed by the class I experienced, a combination of Kundalini, Tantra, and Shamanic traditions.  Some of the same lineages I myself respect and have practiced under.  Bhajan’s uplifting energy and wide range of knowledge complement his yoga practice and opened the doors for him to continue to teach at our studio.

-Nathan Levi Morris
Unified Productions Studios