Shamanic Cacao Ceremony

Ixcacao the mayan goddess of cacao

Do you love Cacao (Raw Chocolate)?  We, at Śhūnya’s Couch, sure do!  Why?  Well, we have both Experienced Incredible liberating Shifts, Deep Healing, and ohh lets not forget, it tastes damm good!

Along with being a Superfood packed with health benefits, Cacao is a Medicine of Ancient Standing.

For nearly 3500 years the world has indulged in chocolate; chocolate bars, candy kisses, hot cocoa, chocolate ice-cream and numerous other forms.  The idea of a chocolate treat is far from a modern one.  The use of chocolate began in the Old World with the ancient Olmec civilization (1500 BC-500 BC) in Mesoamerican and continued on through the time of the Maya and Aztecs, before making its trek across to the New World in the 16th century. Today, Cacao, along with numerous other sacred plants, is enjoying a huge surge in demand.

Just take a look at the various Cacao Ceremonies springing up everywhere, its presence in the food service industry and the cutting edge educational data about Cacao provided by the infectiously lovely Nutrition Guru, David Avocado Wolf. We provided some links below about Cacao that we hope you find helpful and Inspiring!

For nearly two years we have been very fortunate to have Participated in or led Sacred Cacao Ceremonies in India, Ecuador, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, London and California.  With our collection of experiences and deep love for this Divine Medicine, we Crafted with Love an Exclusive and Most Magical Formula that Activates the Sacred Cacao plant!  Infusing Yogic, Shamanic and Creative elements, such as Powerful Breath work, Sacred Mantra, Improv/Contact/Ecstatic Dance and Gong-Himalayan Bowl Sound Healing.  No Two Ceremonies are alike, as Space, Participants and the Solar/Lunar cycle are always taken into consideration!  Here are some testimonials from our ceremonies!


The cacao ceremony I did with Amrita Param and Bhajan was completely out of this world! And I mean that more than just metaphorically. The combination of ecstatic dance, instrumental/tribal/atmospheric music, and the Kundalini-style pranayama plus, of course, the cacao, is something that opened up states of being that I had not experienced before. And to finish off in savasana with Tibetan bowls and the amazing gong! The gong! Really, if nothing else, that gong alone will send you to the far reaches of your inner cosmos.

-Jefton Sungkar

Whilst traveling India I was delighted to stumble across a cacao ceremony so jumped at the opportunity and was blessed to be a part of the experience …Intense, liberating, magical, restorative!
And Divine cacao … pure love
thank u guys xx

-Lyndz Read

Heart Opening experience

I had my first cacao ceremony ever with Bhajan & Amrita Param.  Just by a coincidental meeting on the street and telling me that the ceremony would start in 15 minutes, I felt drawn to the place.  The whole evening was magical and perfectly combined.  From drinking the amazing cacao, to intensive breathing exercises, chanting, singing and ending with a goosebumps giving sound healing.

The chantings were very powerful, I felt my heart energy opening and expending so widely!  The breathing exercises were so tough, but felt so good to not give up and break through the feeling of pain and my own ego.  The sound healing at the end was beautiful.  I felt so incredibly feminine and was enjoying the feeling.  I felt my own energy rushing along my spine and spreading throughout my body.  I made a promise to myself, to never let myself down and saw that I am perfect the way as I am.

The next words kept running through my mind since then: I want to dance, I want to sing, I want to be free, I want to be totally me.  Free of crazy silly thoughts, thoughts that keep me small.  Breaking out of patterns, grow and expand. Shining and glowing.  Let go of past and fear.  Choose me, live freely and choose L O V E.  Everyday again.

Thank you two beautiful souls for the unique experience!  Love for you two!  Namaste:)

-Bianca Hoogland

We had a great adventure with these two souls. Very honest and humble and full of knowledge. They shared a lot of energy with us and gave everything from their heart. A journey through many layers and depths. There was a beautiful space and setup to enjoy, let go and feel safe to explore ourselves and each other, through many sounds and kundalini techniques. A nice blend and sweet ending with sound healing. Would recommend to everyone. With Bhajan and Amrita Param you are taking care of…thank you guys for being open, supportive and very very kind…LOVE YOU!