Shamanic/Yogic Life Coaching w/ Drow

Śhūnya’s Couch co-founder, Drow, is available for Life Coaching. Drow is a Master of Transition, is Funny, Direct, Compassionate and Creates a pathway for you to find your  life’s True Purpose.

Devotion, Alchemy, and Self-realization; this is the formula that created the opportunities for Drow to travel the world, while doing what he loves, helping others!  Ask yourself, “Does my present path serve the greater good?” let me remind you what you already know and we can tap into the Magic!  Literally.  Contact me for a free exploratory session.

Coaching testimonials

I had the distinct pleasure of crossing life paths with Drow over a year ago and working with him.  I can not say enough how very grateful I am for his assistance.  At The time I was dealing with a very large spiritual darkness that had invaded my life, and I was having a hard time trying to reach out and ask for help.  Not only did Drow offer me guidance, but went above and beyond to help me.  I have to say my working experience with Drow has been a life changer for me, and with his help not only was I able to defeat the darkness that had invaded me, but it ultimately set me on a whole new level of self awareness and spiritual connectivity.  Drow is a spiritual powerhouse!  If you are lucky enough to get a chance to work with him, it will be a life changing experience!

-Amber J. Nelson
Light worker


My work with Drow was a beautiful transformative process.  I was given many tools to help me connect deeper with Spirit and with my creative intelligence.  I was living in New York City for the first time, and my soul was feeling lost in the swarm of chaotic energies.  I needed a teacher to help me find myself again.  Thus, I was very blessed to have connected with Drow, the mentor who held up a Mirror of hope, change & joy to my being.

Our work together has woken me to my Shakti power, my creative fire energy, and to all of the endless possibilities life holds for me.  I fell in love with Kundalini Yoga after Drow introduced me to the practice.  He gave me my own Sadhana practice, and I continue to do the prayers every morning.  I have my faith back in a greater power because of Drow’s teachings.  He gave me so much of his time and energy to help me thrive, to help me laugh, dance, write, and sing as I was born to do.  There have been so many doors opened for me and so many magical skills I have acquired through this work.

As I was guided to go deeper into myself, I found my inner strength to ground and center into a Woman full of confidence, grace, & power.  I am so thankful that I got to work with this Magical Man!

-By Anna Marie Pugel


I met Drow in Ecuador at Casa Kiliku, a tantra yoga and shaman school.  He was instantly recognizable as a being of depth and wisdom with a passion to help people in their healing to awaken.  He was always on hand to offer support and always encouraging people to release when needed.  From the moment I arrived I felt like a had an older brother who was sincerely interested in my expression as a being.  His effortless ability to be open and share himself with me set the space for me to be able to reciprocate.  His ability to see deep into the expression I shared on occasions made me feel like I had been heard and respected.

He holds such a warm space around him that makes it so easy to connect with, a real feeling of family, a comfortable platform from which to divulge your shadows.  The best thing about Drow is the lightheartedness and passion for slaying shadows he brings to the sessions.  It allowed me to relax and not take myself too seriously, something I have a tendency to do.  It was really good to be able to laugh as much as we did.  The advice and practices he bestowed on me have been valuable to my self discovery and healing.  He gave enough information for me to get the ball rolling but not too much that I wasn’t experiencing or understanding the transformations for myself.  I’ve cultivated a strong sense of my divine feminine empowerment from the work we have done together.  My biggest breakthrough has been taking full control and understanding of my sexual power.  I’d never fully understood myself due to child abuse and shame associated with early teen experiences.  Recognizing the Goddess within and embracing that energy has led to some amazing transformations.  I now consciously seek the partner that will be able to connect with me on this very sacred level instead of settling for men because I feel I’m lacking or missing something.  I have much respect and gratitude for Drow.  Namaste bitches..