Tantra Partnership Yoga Workshop

Communication, Activation, and Creativity are the powerful archetypal energies that our Exclusive Tantric Partnership workshops explore.

Fearless Communication is vital in all kinds of partnerships.  Sincerely Communicating our hearts deepest desires, scars, traumas and dreams is simply the highest form of love.

Deeply healing and powerful, fearless communication opens the psychic center of Humans, the Heart.  When the Heart functions this way, the mind, body, and soul are activated.  This activation Transmutes thoughts into Divine Action.  This allows for the individual to experience their own unique alignment for evolutionary development to flourish and elevate the partnership into divine creativity.

Creativity is what defines us as human beings.  Adding the creative element to any aspect of our lives instantly enriches us and provides opportunities for all the different energies within us to be expressed.

As so much is shifting in our world today, authentic communication is must for our partnerships to Thrive and Evolve!

During the Śhūnya’s Couch Tantra Partnership Yoga Workshop we explore a number of Magical paths where we can safely express our hearts, our fears, and live out our truths with loving grace.

Tantra is an ancient Indian tradition that simplifies how we channel the Divine Energy inherent in all sentient beings.  Tantra Partnership Yoga provides a Rare opportunity, with a Partner, to access these energies that dissolve the boundaries which prevent us from achieving true communication, release from fear, and experience a deeper creative form of intimacy.

Using our unique blend of Dance, Tantric Ritual, breathwork, Partner-assisted Asanas, and Instrument-accompanied Sacred Mantra, our workshop allows partners of all kinds (family, friends, lovers) to deeply connect, forming a lifelong bond based on achieving our full potential.

Śhūnya’s Couch Tantra Partnership Yoga Workshop is open to participants of all skill and fitness levels, no previous yoga experience is required.


“We were just shopping around Rishikesh when suddenly we were approached by Drow.  We were immediately engulfed by his powerful energy and loving to hear about his experiences and vast knowledge around the world related to tantra, kundalini, and shamanism.

We went to their cacao ceremony the next evening where we also met Amrita Param who is equally as remarkable.  The ceremony was our favourite out of all the various ones we have done around the world.  Their guidance is very well grounded with deep shamanic knowledge, unforgettably powerful pranayamas, and some of the most stimulating music and sound healing creating a safe environment to connect with the super yummy organic cacao medicine and tune into what does not serve us anymore.

After trusting in their guidance we decided to do a private 2 on 2 partner tantra workshop the next night.  It was an unforgettable life changing magical evening.  They guided us through a ritualistic opening ceremony celebrating and honouring the masculine and the feminine through Shiva and Shakti’s energies.  We felt very comfortable to connect to each other as there was no one else in the room with peace.  They supported us during our first partner tantra journey with partner asanas, mantras, and dance. We feel blessed to find this amazing couple who are sharing knowledge, experience, light, and love around the world.”

-Beatriz Vianna Baptistella De Moraes Pinto & Keith Motes